Does Leech Lake Have Good Fishing?

Leech Lake is one of Minnesota’s premier fishing destinations, offering anglers a wide range of species to pursue. The lake is home to a variety of gamefish including walleye, northern pike, muskie, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, and panfish.

The lake is very deep for its size and has an abundance of structure which makes it ideal for trolling and jigging. For walleye fishing, the best areas are the shoreline breaks in 10-15 feet of water during summer months. During the spring season, many anglers enjoy casting crankbaits along weed lines and mid-lake humps. Trolling with crankbaits or live bait rigs can also be productive during summer months.

Northern pike are plentiful in Leech Lake and can be found throughout the lake in shallow weedy bays or deeper open water areas. Casting spoons or spinners along weed edges or trolling with jerkbaits or crankbaits is a great way to Target these fish.

Muskies are also plentiful in the lake and can be found near weeds or rock piles. Casting large bucktails or jerkbaits is a great way to Target these fish.

Smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing can also be excellent in Leech Lake. Jigging slop with tubes or creature baits as well as flipping jigs into heavy cover are two great ways to Target these fish in summer months. For panfish, small jigs tipped with waxworms fished around shoreline structure are a great way to Target bluegills and crappies.


In conclusion, Leech Lake offers anglers an excellent opportunity for catching a variety of species from walleye to panfish. The lake’s deep structure provides plenty of habitat for gamefish while its shallow weedy bays offer good conditions for Targeting northern pike and muskies. Whether you’re looking for walleye or panfish, Leech Lake has something for every angler making it easy to answer the question – Does Leech Lake Have Good Fishing? – with a resounding yes!

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