Does Lead Core Fishing Line Go Bad?

Lead core fishing line has been a thing of myth and mystery for years. Some anglers swear by it, while others are convinced it goes bad after a certain amount of time.

So what’s the real answer? Does lead core fishing line go bad?

Lead core fishing lines are made from a combination of lead and other materials, including nylon and polypropylene. The lead helps to give the line more weight so that it can sink faster in the water. This makes it ideal for trolling or bottom fishing in deep water, where heavier lines are needed to get down below the surface.

The question of whether or not lead core fishing line goes bad depends on how it’s stored and used. If the line is stored properly, then it should last for years.

When storing lead core fishing line, make sure to keep it out of direct sunlight and away from extreme temperatures as both can cause damage over time. Additionally, if you’re using your lead core fishing line in saltwater, make sure you rinse off any saltwater residue after each use as this can also cause damage over time.

Lead core fishing lines do have one major drawback: they can corrode if left unused for too long. The corrosion will eventually weaken the line and make it break easily when casted or trolled through the water.

This is why it’s important to use your lead core lines regularly or to store them properly when not in use. If you do store them properly and use them regularly, then there’s no reason why your lead core lines shouldn’t last for years without any problems.

Conclusion: In conclusion, does lead core fishing line go bad? It certainly can if left unused for too long or not stored properly but with regular use and proper storage, there’s no reason why your lead core lines shouldn’t last you a long time without any problems!

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