Does Fly Fishing at Night Work?

Fly fishing at night has been a popular pastime for decades, and many anglers swear by its effectiveness. But does it really work? The simple answer is yes, fly fishing at night can be very productive.

The basic premise behind fly fishing at night is that fish are more active in the dark than in the daylight hours.

This is because they have a better chance of sneaking up on their prey without being detected. Fish also tend to feed more aggressively at night as they take advantage of the lack of sunlight to stay hidden from predators. Moreover, many species are naturally more active during the evening hours and thus, will come out to feed when it gets dark.

In addition to providing better chances of success, fly fishing at night has some other advantages over day-time fishing. For one thing, anglers don’t have to worry about dealing with the heat and glare of the sun while they’re out on the water. Night-time anglers also don’t have to contend with as much boat traffic or other distractions as they would during the day.

When it comes to gear and technique, there are some things that anglers need to keep in mind when fly fishing at night. First off, it’s important to use a longer rod and heavier line in order to cast accurately in low light conditions. Additionally, using bright colored flies or glow-in-the-dark lures can help attract fish when visibility is low.


Fly fishing at night can be very successful for anglers who are willing to adjust their gear and tactics accordingly. With some research and preparation, anglers can make sure that their next excursion into the dark pays off with plenty of bites!

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Daniel Bennet