Does Fishing Line Make a Good Bow String?

Fishing line is a lightweight and inexpensive alternative to traditional bow strings. While it has been used in the past as a bow string, its advantages and disadvantages should be considered before making a decision about whether it is a good choice for your bow.


The primary advantage of using fishing line as a bow string is cost. Fishing line is much less expensive than many traditional bow strings and can be found at most stores that sell tackle for fishing.

Additionally, fishing line has excellent durability and can stand up to a great deal of wear and tear without fraying or breaking. It also provides more accuracy when shooting arrows because the material is lightweight and less likely to be affected by wind or other elements. Finally, fishing line requires very little maintenance compared to traditional bow strings, which often require waxing or oiling to keep them in good condition.


The main disadvantage of using fishing line as a bow string is that it can be difficult to tie the knots necessary for attaching it to the bow limbs. Fishing knots are not designed for the tension that’s required with archery equipment, so they may not hold up as well as traditional knots used with bow strings.

Additionally, because fishing line doesn’t stretch like many traditional strings do, it’s more likely to snap if there’s too much tension on it. Finally, some archers feel that using fishing line reduces their accuracy when shooting because of its light weight.


Overall, the decision of whether or not to use fishing line as a bow string comes down to personal preference and what type of performance you’re looking for from your archery setup. While it may have some drawbacks compared to traditional materials, it can still be an effective option depending on your needs.

Does Fishing Line Make a Good Bow String?

Fishing Line can make an effective and inexpensive alternative for those looking for an alternative to traditional bow strings but must be considered carefully before making a decision due its potential drawbacks. Ultimately, personal preference will determine whether or not this is the right choice for an individual archer’s needs.

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