Does Fishing Line Keep Deer Out of Garden?

Deer can cause considerable damage to gardens, and gardeners are always looking for ways to keep deer out. One idea that has been gaining popularity is using fishing line to create a barrier.

The theory is that the fishing line will create a physical and/or psychological deterrent for the deer. While this may be an effective solution for some, it’s important to understand the limitations of using fishing line.

Fishing line is inexpensive and easy to use, but it won’t work in all cases. Before investing time and money into this effort, consider the environment you’re trying to protect.

The most important factor is the level of deer activity in your area; if there aren’t many deer around, then this solution may be unnecessary. Additionally, consider how determined the deer are; if they are particularly motivated to reach your garden, they may find a way around or through your fishing line.

Another factor you should consider is how often you’ll need to replace the fishing line. Because it’s so thin and lightweight, it’s easily broken or damaged by wind or other animals. You’ll need to regularly inspect and maintain your barrier so that it remains effective at keeping deer out of your garden.


Using fishing line as a barrier against deer can be an effective solution in certain circumstances; however, its limitations should be considered before investing time and money into this effort.

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Michael Allen