Does Caddo Lake Have Good Fishing?

Caddo Lake is a 25,400-acre lake located in East Texas and is renowned for its excellent fishing. The lake is home to over 70 species of fish, including largemouth bass, catfish, crappie, and bream. It was even named the Best Bass Fishing Lake in Texas by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department in 2019.

The lake is a popular spot for both recreational and professional anglers alike.

There are several boat ramps located around the lake that provide easy access to the water. Anglers can also take advantage of many excellent fishing guides who can help them find the best spots on the lake for catching fish.

The lake contains plenty of structure in the form of weeds, stumps, rocks, and fallen trees that attract game fish like bass, crappie and catfish. The abundant vegetation also provides cover for smaller baitfish which in turn attract larger predators like largemouth bass.

In addition to providing great fishing opportunities, Caddo Lake is also a great place to relax and enjoy nature. The lake is surrounded by cypress trees which provide plenty of shade on hot days and create a stunning backdrop year-round. Visitors will also be able to find plenty of wildlife such as alligators, turtles, waterfowl and wading birds.


All things considered it’s clear that Caddo Lake has good fishing opportunities and offers lots of other activities as well. With its beautiful scenery and abundance of wildlife it makes an excellent destination for fishermen looking for a peaceful getaway or an exciting day out on the water.

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