Does Cabelas Have Fly Fishing Lessons?

The answer is a resounding yes.

Cabelas, the leading outdoor retailer in North America, offers an array of fly fishing classes and lessons for all levels of anglers. From basic instruction on the basics of fly-tying and casting to more advanced topics such as reading water and selecting flies, Cabelas has something for everyone.

Beginner classes are designed to teach those who have never fished before or who are new to fly-fishing the basics of the sport. These courses typically include instruction on knot tying, casting technique, fish identification and safety.

Experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance with both dry-fly and wet-fly fishing techniques.

Intermediate and advanced classes are also available at Cabelas stores across the country. These courses offer a deeper dive into topics such as stream entomology (insect identification), proper presentation techniques, reading water, and rigging for different species of fish. Experienced instructors will often take students out onto local waters for a hands-on experience that can’t be found in a classroom setting.


Cabelas is an excellent resource for those looking to learn or improve their fly fishing skills. With classes ranging from beginner to advanced levels, there is something for everyone at Cabelas stores across the country.

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