Does Cabelas Have Fly Fishing Gear?

Cabela’s has been a leader in the outdoor recreation industry since 1961, so it is no surprise that they carry an extensive selection of fly fishing gear for beginners and experienced anglers alike. Whether you are looking for rods, reels, waders, or flies, Cabela’s has something for everyone.

Starting from the basics, Cabela’s carries a wide variety of different rods and reels to suit any need. From traditional fly rods to more modern graphite options, there is sure to be something to meet the needs of any angler.

They also offer a great selection of reels from various brands including Orvis, Redington, and Temple Fork Outfitters.

In addition to rods and reels, Cabela’s also offers a variety of waders and boots designed specifically for fly fishing. Whether you are looking for breathable waders or insulated wading boots, Cabela’s has what you need to stay comfortable while on the water.

Cabela’s also carries a large selection of flies, lures, and other accessories to help complete your fly fishing setup. From streamers to nymphs and dry flies, they have something for every situation. They also carry leaders and tippet materials as well as fly boxes and other accessories.


Yes, Cabelas does have fly fishing gear! From traditional rods and reels to more modern graphite options—and even waders and boots—Cabelas offers an extensive selection of equipment suitable for every level of angler. In addition, their array of flies lures and accessories ensures that you will be fully equipped when heading out on your next fishing trip!

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