Does 13 Fishing Make a 2 Piece Rod?

13 Fishing is a company that has been making high-quality fishing rods since its inception in 2013. The company was founded by two passionate anglers who wanted to create a brand that would allow fishermen to get the most out of their fishing experience. 13 Fishing has become a very popular brand and is known for its quality products, excellent customer service, and innovative designs.

The company offers various types of rods for different kinds of fishing, from freshwater to saltwater. One of the most popular rods made by 13 Fishing is their two-piece rod.

This type of rod is designed to provide an optimal balance between strength and flexibility, making it perfect for both novice and experienced anglers alike. The two-piece construction also makes it easier to transport and store, making it ideal for those who don’t have much space available in their vehicle or storage area.

13 Fishing’s two-piece rods are designed with state-of-the-art technology that allows them to be extremely lightweight yet durable enough to handle any type of fish you may encounter on your outings. The rods are made from premium quality materials such as graphite, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber which all provide strength and durability while keeping the weight down. 13 Fishing’s two-piece rods also feature top-of-the line guides and handle materials that are sure to make your fishing experience more enjoyable.

In addition to offering excellent quality two-piece rods, 13 Fishing also provides other types of rods including spinning, casting and trolling models which can suit any type of angler’s needs. All their rods are backed by a lifetime warranty so you can rest assured that your purchase will stand the test of time.

So does 13 Fishing make a 2 piece rod? Yes they do! With their state-of-the art designs, high quality materials and lifetime warranty you can be sure that your next rod purchase from 13 Fishing will provide you with years of reliable performance and enjoyment out on the water!

Conclusion: Yes, 13 Fishing does make a 2 piece rod! Their two piece construction provides an optimal balance between strength and flexibility while being lightweight enough for easy transportation or storage. The company’s use of high quality materials such as graphite, aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber ensures durability while the lifetime warranty ensures your purchase will last for years to come!

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