Do You Need Split Shot for Fly Fishing?

The answer is yes.

Split shot is an incredibly useful tool for fly fishing. It helps to keep your flies in the water and make sure they stay near the surface where they can be seen by the fish.

Split shot is a type of weight that is placed at the end of your leader, which is the line between your reel and your fly. This weight helps to keep the fly just below the surface so it can be seen by the fish. Without split shot, your flies would float on top of the water, making it difficult for them to be noticed by any fish in the area.

Split shot also helps when you’re casting a large streamer or even a small nymph pattern. The split shot will help get your fly down into deeper water and make sure it stays there until you’re ready to retrieve it. This can be especially helpful when you’re fishing in deeper pools or streams where the current might be too strong for your fly to stay near the bottom without some help from a split shot.

In addition to helping with casting, split shot can also help improve accuracy when casting in windy conditions. When there’s wind blowing in from one direction, adding some split shot on that side of your leader will help keep your line and fly heading in that same direction instead of being blown off course by the wind.

Finally, split shot can be used as a strike indicator when nymphing or streamer fishing. By adding a few pieces of split shot above your nymph or streamer pattern, you’ll be able to detect even subtle strikes from fish due to how much faster they are than normal currents or movements in the water.

In conclusion, split shot is an essential tool for all fly fishermen and should always be included on every outing. It can help improve accuracy when casting, get your flies down deeper into the water column, and even act as a strike indicator when nymphing or streamer fishing.


Split Shot is an essential tool for all fly fishermen and should not be overlooked when preparing for an outing on any body of water.

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