Do You Need a Float When Spearfishing?

When it comes to spearfishing, the use of a float is an important consideration for safety and convenience. A float is a buoyant device that allows the diver to remain at the surface while fishing. It also serves as a marker for other divers in the area and provides an easy way to keep track of your gear. While it’s not essential for every dive, there are some situations where a float is highly recommended.

In areas with strong ocean currents or high waves, a float can be invaluable in helping you stay in place while diving. A float can also be used as an anchor if you need to make frequent dives from the same spot. In addition, it can provide added buoyancy when retrieving heavy catches or when fighting off large fish.

Float diver safety flags are also important for any diver carrying a spear gun or fishing with any type of underwater weapon.

These flags signal to other divers that you are armed and dangerous, so they know to stay away from you when underwater. Additionally, many countries require flotation devices for spearfishing.

Finally, floats can provide excellent visibility for other boats in the area and help your dive buddies keep track of you at all times. This is especially important if you get separated from your group during the dive or if one of your buddies needs assistance due to injury or equipment failure.


In summary, using a float when spearfishing can provide numerous benefits including increased safety and convenience. If you plan on diving in areas with strong currents or high waves, or if you intend on using underwater weapons such as spear guns, then having a float is highly recommended. Floats can also provide extra visibility for other boats in the area and help your dive group remain safe and organized.

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