Do You Need a Fishing License to Fish Grapevine Lake?

If you are planning to fish at Grapevine Lake, then the answer is yes, you need a fishing license. Even though there is no fee for fishing in Grapevine Lake, you still need a license in order to legally fish here. This is because Grapevine Lake is part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s system of public waters, and they require all anglers to have a valid fishing license when they are fishing any body of water in their system.

The state of Texas offers several different types of fishing licenses depending on the needs of the individual angler. You can choose from an annual freshwater or saltwater license, a three-day pass, or even a lifetime license. You can also purchase specialty permits such as those for freshwater or saltwater trout stamp and red drum tag.

If you plan on taking advantage of the excellent bass and catfish that Grapevine Lake has to offer then you will need to purchase an annual freshwater package which includes both an inland and coastal endorsement. This package also comes with several free benefits such as access to free boat ramps, free camping at select state parks and free parking at select boat ramps.

What Are The Penalties For Fishing Without A License?

Fishing without a valid fishing license can lead to some serious penalties. Depending on where you are caught without one, it can result in fines ranging from $25 – $500 plus court costs and possibly jail time. It is important to know that these penalties can be even more severe if you are found guilty of poaching or other illegal activities while out on the lake.


In conclusion, it is important to remember that if you want to legally fish Grapevine Lake then you will need to purchase an appropriate fishing license from the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department before heading out onto the lake.

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