Do You Need a Fishing License for Lake Wallenpaupack?

If you are looking to do some freshwater fishing on the lake, you may be wondering if you need a fishing license for Lake Wallenpaupack. The answer is yes, it is required that all anglers have a valid Pennsylvania fishing license when fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack. This applies to both residents and non-residents.

The Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission (PFBC) regulates all freshwater fishing in the state of Pennsylvania, including Lake Wallenpaupack. All anglers aged 16 and over must have a valid license before they can legally fish on the lake. Licenses can be purchased online or at any PFBC-approved retail outlet.

The cost of a PA fishing license varies depending on age, residency status, and duration of the license. For example, an annual resident adult license costs $22.90 while a non-resident adult license costs $50.70. There are also short-term licenses available for those who only plan to fish for a few days.

The Benefits of Having a Fishing License

Having a valid fishing license for Lake Wallenpaupack provides numerous benefits to anglers beyond just being able to legally fish in the lake. By purchasing a license, anglers are helping support the conservation efforts of the PFBC which is dedicated to protecting and preserving the fisheries and aquatic habitats in Pennsylvania.

License holders also receive access to other benefits such as discounted rates on boat rentals, access to special fishing areas, and discounts at local bait shops.


In conclusion, if you plan to go freshwater fishing on Lake Wallenpaupack or any other body of water in Pennsylvania, it is important that you purchase a valid PA fishing license first so that you can do so legally and responsibly. Doing so will help protect and preserve Pennsylvania’s aquatic resources while also providing anglers with access to numerous benefits such as discounts at local bait shops and special access areas.

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