Do I Need a Fishing License to Fish on Lake Livingston?

When planning to fish on Lake Livingston, anglers need to be aware that they may need a fishing license in order to legally take part in the activity. Depending on the type of fishing you plan to do and where you are located, different laws may apply.

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) requires all persons 17 years of age or older to have a valid license in order to fish in Texas public water bodies, including Lake Livingston. There are several types of freshwater fishing licenses available for purchase from the TPWD website or from local retailers such as sporting goods stores.

The cost of a license varies depending on the type and duration of the license purchased.

If you plan to fish from a boat on Lake Livingston, you may need an additional permit or stamp. Boaters will need a valid boat registration, and an aquatic vegetation stamp if they intend to use their boat for activities such as water skiing or wakeboarding. Anglers may also be required to purchase a special red drum tag if they plan to keep any red drum caught while fishing on Lake Livingston.

It is important that anglers are aware of any laws or regulations related to their intended activities before heading out onto Lake Livingston. Fishing without a proper license can lead to fines and other penalties so it is best to make sure that all necessary permits or tags are purchased before beginning your fishing trip.


Do I Need a Fishing License To Fish on Lake Livingston? Yes, anyone 17 years old or older must have a valid license in order to legally fish in Texas public waters including Lake Livingston.

Depending on what type of fishing you intend to do and where you will be located, other permits or tags might also be required. It is important that anglers check all necessary regulations before beginning their trip so as not to risk fines or other penalties for fishing without the proper licensing.

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