Did Calvin Coolidge Fly Fishing?

Calvin Coolidge, the 30th President of the United States, was a man of many interests. He had a love for the outdoors, especially for fishing.

Whether it was hunting or fishing, Coolidge enjoyed spending time outdoors in nature. One of his favorite forms of fishing was fly fishing.

Coolidge had a special affinity for the sport of fly fishing. He took part in many fly fishing trips during his presidency and even wrote about it in his autobiography. In his book, Coolidge speaks fondly of the sport and how he enjoyed spending time out on the rivers and streams while casting his line.

Though he never wrote extensively about fly fishing, Coolidge did talk about its benefits in various interviews over the years. He said that it was a great way to relax and take your mind off whatever troubles may be going on in your life. It also allowed him to be one with nature which he found to be very calming.

Coolidge’s Legacy as a Fly Fisherman

Calvin Coolidge is remembered as one of America’s most beloved presidents but he is also remembered fondly by those who love fly fishing. His enthusiasm for the sport inspired many others to take up fly fishing as well. To this day, there are still anglers who look back fondly on President Coolidge’s time spent enjoying this great pastime.

Coolidge’s legacy lives on through those who still enjoy fly fishing today. His influence can be seen in those who appreciate nature and want to connect with it through this peaceful activity.


Yes, Calvin Coolidge did indeed enjoy fly fishing during his presidency and beyond! He wrote about his love for the sport in his autobiography and often spoke publicly about its benefits as well. His enthusiasm for this pastime has inspired many others to take up this enjoyable activity over the years, making it clear that President Coolidge left a lasting legacy when it comes to enjoying fly fishing!

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