Can You Use Fishing Line for Bowfishing?

Bowfishing is an exciting way to combine hunting with fishing. It involves shooting arrows with special tips that have barbs to catch the fish and then pulling them in.

It can be done from boats or from shore, and is a great way to Target rough fish like carp and gar. But what kind of line should you use for bowfishing?

Some people like to use traditional fishing line for bowfishing, such as monofilament or braided line. This can be effective if you’re Targeting smaller fish and don’t need a lot of strength in your line.

However, if you’re going after bigger or more aggressive fish, you may want to consider using bowfishing-specific line.

Bowfishing-specific lines are designed specifically for the sport of bowfishing and are usually made from a synthetic material like Spectra or Kevlar. These lines are much stronger than traditional fishing lines, so they can handle the extra torque that comes with pulling in larger fish. They also tend to be more abrasion-resistant and can stand up to the wear and tear of being used repeatedly on rough surfaces like rocks or coral.


So, can you use fishing line for bowfishing? Yes, but it might not be the best option for larger or more aggressive fish.

Bowfishing-specific lines are tougher and more abrasion-resistant so they are better suited for this type of fishing. So if you’re looking to get into bowfishing, it’s worth investing in some good quality bowfishing-specific line.

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