Can You Store a Kayak on Sawhorses?

Can You Store a Kayak on Sawhorses?

When it comes to storing your kayak, there are various options available. One popular method is using sawhorses.

But can you really store a kayak on sawhorses? Let’s explore this question and find out.

Why Use Sawhorses?

Sawhorses are commonly used in woodworking and construction projects to provide a stable base for cutting, painting, or assembling materials. They consist of four legs and a horizontal beam, creating a sturdy support structure. Many kayakers have discovered that sawhorses can also be an excellent solution for storing their kayaks.

The Benefits of Storing a Kayak on Sawhorses

  • Space-saving: Using sawhorses allows you to store your kayak vertically, saving valuable floor space in your garage or storage area.
  • Easier access: Storing your kayak on sawhorses makes it easier to access and retrieve when you’re ready for your next paddling adventure.
  • Prevents warping: By evenly distributing the weight of the kayak across the sawhorse beams, you can help prevent warping or distortion of the hull over time.
  • Air circulation: Storing your kayak upright on sawhorses allows for better air circulation around the hull, helping to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Choosing the Right Sawhorse

If you decide to store your kayak on sawhorses, it’s essential to choose the right type of sawhorse for the job. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Weight capacity: Ensure that the sawhorse you select has a weight capacity suitable for your kayak. Most standard sawhorses can support several hundred pounds, but it’s always wise to double-check.
  • Adjustability: Look for sawhorses with adjustable height or width options, allowing you to customize the setup to accommodate different kayak sizes.
  • Padding or protection: Consider using foam padding or other protective materials on the sawhorse beams to prevent any potential scratches or damage to your kayak.

Tips for Storing a Kayak on Sawhorses

To ensure proper storage and protect your kayak, follow these tips:

  1. Clean and dry: Before storing your kayak, make sure it is clean and completely dry. Any dirt or moisture left on the hull can lead to mold or corrosion over time.
  2. Positioning: Place the sawhorses at a distance that matches the width of your kayak’s cockpit, ensuring a stable and secure fit.
  3. Bow and stern support: Consider adding additional support at the bow and stern of your kayak if it tends to sag in those areas. This can be done by placing foam blocks or cushions under those points.
  4. Cover up: If you’re storing your kayak in an outdoor area exposed to sunlight, consider using a UV-resistant cover to protect it from harmful rays.

The Verdict

In conclusion, yes, you can store a kayak on sawhorses! Not only does this method save space and provide easy access, but it also helps maintain the integrity of your kayak over time. Just remember to choose the right sawhorse, follow proper storage techniques, and your kayak will be in good hands.

So, go ahead and utilize those sawhorses to keep your kayak safe and ready for your next paddling adventure!

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