Can You Still Get the Legion Fishing Pole?

The Legion Fishing Pole is one of the most sought-after items in the World of Warcraft universe. It was originally introduced in Patch 7.2, and since then, it has become a sought-after item for anglers all around Azeroth. It’s a two-handed polearm with a unique design that makes it stand out from other weapons.

The Legion Fishing Pole has several unique properties that make it an excellent choice for fishing. Firstly, it increases your fishing skill to 800, making it easier to catch rare fish in Pandaria, Draenor and even Kul Tiras. Secondly, it reduces the time needed to catch fish by 25%, giving you more time to explore and enjoy the game.

Since its introduction, many players have been searching for ways to obtain this legendary weapon. Unfortunately, there are no easy methods of obtaining this weapon and most players have had to resort to farming for hours on end in hopes of finding it. The only other option is to purchase the Legion Fishing Pole from the Auction House or through trading with other players.

As such, many players are still wondering if they can get their hands on this elusive weapon. Unfortunately, there is no easy answer as Blizzard has not released any new methods of obtaining the Legion Fishing Pole since its initial release. The only way you can get your hands on one is either by farming for hours or trading with other players.


So can you still get the Legion Fishing Pole? Unfortunately, there are no easy methods available at this time and you would need to either farm for hours or trade with other players in order to obtain one. However, with patience and dedication, you will eventually be able to get your hands on this legendary weapon.

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