Can You Make a Netherite Fishing Rod?

As of the recent update in Minecraft, players are now able to craft Netherite tools and weapons. This means that players have access to the strongest and most durable items in all of the game.

One of these items is the fishing rod, which can be used to catch fish and other aquatic creatures. But can you make a Netherite fishing rod?

You cannot make a Netherite fishing rod directly in Minecraft, but it is possible to obtain one. To do this, you must kill a Drowned mob while it is holding a regular fishing rod.

If you are lucky, then the Drowned will drop a Netherite Fishing Rod instead of the regular one. It is also possible for players to find these fishing rods in chests in underwater ruins.

Not only does the Netherite Fishing Rod have increased durability compared to its wooden counterpart, but it also has improved range and speed when casting and reeling in fish. This makes it easier for players to catch more fish in less time.


Although you cannot craft a Netherite Fishing Rod directly in Minecraft, they can be obtained by killing Drowned mobs or finding them in underwater ruins. With increased durability, improved range, and faster casting speed than its wooden counterpart, the Netherite Fishing Rod is sure to improve your fishing experience.

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