Can You Make a Fishing Pole in Valheim?

Valheim is a popular survival game that allows players to craft and create their own items and tools. One of the most commonly asked questions by new players is “can you make a fishing pole in Valheim?” The answer is yes, you can!

In order to make a fishing pole, you will need to have some basic materials. These include some wood, a stone, and some string. Once you have gathered these materials, you will need to open your inventory and select the crafting tab at the bottom.

You should see an option for “Fishing Pole”. Select this option, then drag your materials into the crafting window.

Once all of your materials are in place, click on the “Craft” button at the bottom of the window. This will create your fishing pole and add it to your inventory. Now that you have made your fishing pole, you can use it to catch fish from any body of water in Valheim!

Fishing poles are a great tool to have when exploring Valheim’s vast oceans and lakes. Not only do they allow you to catch fish for food, they also provide an easy way to collect resources such as tin ore or bronze ore from under the water. With a little practice, you can become an expert fisherman in no time!


In conclusion, yes it is possible to make a fishing pole in Valheim! All you need are some basic materials like wood and stone, which can be found around most biomes in the game. With practice and patience, you can become an expert fisherman and reap all of the rewards that come with it.

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