Can You Fix a Fishing Pole That Snapped in Half?

It’s possible to repair a fishing pole that has snapped in half if it is not too badly damaged, or if the break is only in the middle section of the rod. There are a few supplies you will need to fix a broken fishing rod, including epoxy, sandpaper, and fiberglass tape.

The first step is to sand down the broken ends of the rod until they are smooth and flush.

This will make sure that the epoxy binds properly and creates a strong bond. Once you have sanded down both pieces of the rod, mix up your epoxy according to directions on the package. Apply a generous amount of epoxy onto one side of the break and then press both sides together firmly.

Once you have pressed both sides together, wrap fiberglass tape around the break to hold it in place while it dries. Make sure you wrap it tightly so that there are no gaps between the tape and the rod. Leave it to dry for 1-2 hours before testing out your repair job.

Testing Your Repair:

Once your repair has dried completely, test it out by gently flexing the rod back and forth several times. If you feel any give or hear any cracking noises then your repair was not successful and you should try again using more epoxy or stronger fiberglass tape.


In conclusion, repairing a fishing pole that has snapped in half is possible with some basic supplies like epoxy and fiberglass tape. However, be sure to test out your repair job before going out on your next fishing trip as a poorly done repair can cause further damage or even injury.

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