Can You Cut Yourself on Fishing Line?

Cutting yourself with a fishing line is not only possible, but it is also one of the most common injuries sustained while fishing. Fishing line is made from nylon, which is a very tough material and can easily cut through skin. It usually happens when the line gets tangled around the fisherman’s hands or feet, or when the hook gets snagged on clothing or other objects.

How to Avoid Cutting Yourself on Fishing Line

The best way to avoid getting cut by fishing line is to always wear protective gloves and clothing when handling the line and hooks. This will help protect your skin from any sharp points or edges that could cause a laceration. It’s also important to keep the line and hook away from your body at all times; this will reduce the risk of getting snagged on clothing or objects and causing an accidental cut.

Cleaning Fishing Line

When cleaning fishing line, it’s important to be extremely careful as even a small nick in the line can cause it to fray and break easily. To clean fishing line correctly, use a pair of scissors or nail clippers to carefully trim away any frayed sections or knots. Make sure you are wearing gloves while doing so as even small pieces of nylon can be sharp enough to cut skin.

Treating Cuts From Fishing Line
If you do end up cutting yourself with fishing line, it’s important to treat it properly right away. First, rinse the area with warm water and soap in order to remove any dirt or debris that may have gotten into the wound.

Then, apply an antiseptic ointment and cover with a bandage in order to prevent infection. If you experience any extreme pain, swelling, redness, or other signs of infection seek medical attention immediately as these could be signs of a more serious injury such as nerve damage or tissue damage.

In conclusion, cutting yourself on fishing line is unfortunately common but there are steps you can take to reduce your chances of sustaining this type of injury such as wearing protective gloves and clothing when handling the equipment and keeping all sharp points away from your body at all times. If you do end up cutting yourself, make sure you treat it properly right away in order to prevent infection.

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