Can You Carry-on a Fishing Rod on American Airlines?

Traveling with a fishing rod is possible on American Airlines, but there are many restrictions you need to be aware of. Fishing rods must be stored in a hard-sided container, such as a case or tube. The container must meet the guidelines for carry-on baggage as outlined by American Airlines and must not exceed 45 inches in overall dimension including the handle and wheels.

When packing your fishing rod, it needs to be broken down into two parts. The first part is the pole itself and the second part includes all of the attachments, such as reels, line, lures and other items associated with the rod.

The two parts should then be placed into the hard-sided container and securely fastened using straps or tape. It is important that all items are packed securely so that they do not move around during transport.

In addition to packing your fishing rod correctly, you will need to check with American Airlines before bringing your equipment on board. Due to certain FAA regulations, some airlines may have specific policies or restrictions on carrying certain types of equipment on board their flights.


You can carry-on a fishing rod on American Airlines if it is packaged correctly in a hard-sided container that meets all size requirements set by American Airlines and if you have checked with them beforehand about any special restrictions they may have related to carrying certain types of equipment on board their flights.

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