Can You Carry-on a Fishing Pole on Hawaiian Airlines?

Hawaiian Airlines offers a convenient and affordable way to travel for those who want to experience the beauty of the Hawaiian Islands. But if you’re an avid fisherman, you may be wondering if you can bring your fishing pole on board.

The answer is yes, you can carry-on a fishing pole on Hawaiian Airlines. The airline allows passengers to bring fishing poles as checked baggage, with some restrictions.

Fishing poles must be properly packed in a hard-sided container or case and must not exceed 6 feet in length. Passengers are also allowed to bring lures and other items related to fishing as part of their checked baggage.

When carrying on a fishing pole, passengers should be aware of any additional restrictions that may apply. For example, passengers are not allowed to bring sharp objects such as knives or hooks in their carry-on luggage. In addition, any liquids such as bait should be placed in sealed containers before being brought on board.

Things to Know Before You Go

It’s important for passengers planning to take a fishing pole on board with them to contact the airline ahead of time so they are aware of any additional rules or restrictions that may apply. Passengers should also check with their hotel or resort prior to arrival so they know what type of equipment is needed for local fishing spots.

In addition, it’s important for passengers traveling with a fishing pole to remember that the maximum weight limit for checked baggage is 50 pounds per item. This can vary based on destination so it’s important for passengers to double check before packing.


In conclusion, Hawaiian Airlines does allow passengers to carry-on a fishing pole as part of their checked baggage provided it meets certain size and weight restrictions. It’s important for passengers traveling with a fishing pole to contact the airline ahead of time and double check any additional rules or regulations that may apply.

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