Can I Ship Fishing Rod USPS?

Shipping a fishing rod can be a tricky process, but with the right knowledge and preparation, it can be done safely. The U.S.

Postal Services (USPS) are one of the few carriers that will accept fishing rods in their shipping services; however, they do have restrictions and requirements that need to be followed in order for your shipment to go through successfully.

The USPS requires that all fishing rods be packaged securely and safely for transportation. This means that you must use a sturdy box or container that is strong enough to protect the rod from any damage during transit.

Additionally, make sure to use plenty of protective padding such as bubble wrap or packing peanuts around the rod so that it does not move around inside the box or container during transit. You should also include a clearly labeled address on the outside of the package, along with proper postage.

When preparing your shipment, it is important to note that only certain types of fishing rods are accepted by USPS. These include rods made out of graphite, composites, and glass-filled materials.

Steel or aluminum rods are not accepted due to their weight and potential for damage in transit. Additionally, USPS does not accept shipments of live bait or any other type of fish-related items.

It is also important to keep in mind that certain size limitations apply when shipping with USPS; any package over 108 inches (or 9 feet) long is prohibited from being shipped via USPS services. If you need to ship a longer rod than this size limitation allows for, you will have to look into other shipping services such as UPS or FedEx.


In conclusion, it is possible to ship fishing rods via USPS as long as they meet certain requirements and restrictions set by the carrier. However if your rod exceeds their size limitation then you may need to look into alternative shipping methods such as UPS and FedEx in order to get your item delivered safely and efficiently.

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