Can I Fish Lake Texoma With an Oklahoma Fishing License?

Lake Texoma, located in the Red River basin on the Oklahoma-Texas border, is a popular destination for anglers and outdoor enthusiasts alike. The lake spans across both states, with Oklahoma providing access to the north end of the lake and Texas offering access to the south. For those looking to fish in Lake Texoma, understanding the different state regulations and licenses can be confusing.

For those fishing Lake Texoma from Oklahoma’s side of the lake, anglers will need an Oklahoma Fishing License. The license allows one to fish in all public waters within the state of Oklahoma, including Lake Texoma. It is important to note that while an Oklahoma Fishing License is needed for anglers fishing on Oklahoma’s side of Lake Texoma, a Texas Fishing Licence is required for those fishing on Texas’s side of the lake.

When purchasing an Oklahoma Fishing License, there are several types available depending on one’s age and residency status. The most common type of license is a one-day or annual resident or non-resident license.

These licenses can be purchased online or at any licensed sporting goods store in Oklahoma. Depending on which type of license is purchased, additional stamps may also be required for certain species or areas, such as trout fishing on certain lakes and rivers within Oklahoma.

Once all necessary licensing requirements are met, anglers can begin their fishing journey at Lake Texoma! From largemouth bass to catfish and stripers – there are many species to Target within this large body of water. Anglers who plan to fish from both sides of Lake Texoma should keep in mind that different regulations may apply depending on which state they are fishing from; therefore it is important to become familiar with both sets of regulations before heading out onto Lake Texoma’s waters.


In short, yes – you can fish Lake Texoma with an Oklahoma Fishing License! All that is required is a valid license based on your age and residency status, as well as any additional stamps that may be necessary for certain species or areas within Oklahoma. It is important to remember that if you plan to fish both sides of Lake Texoma, a Texas Fishing License will also be required when fishing from Texas’s side of the lake.

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