Can I Bring a Fishing Pole on a Plane?

Traveling with fishing poles on an airplane can be a tricky task. It’s important to understand the restrictions and regulations before you set off for your trip.

Airlines have different policies when it comes to traveling with fishing poles, so it’s important to check with your airline prior to your departure.

When traveling with a fishing pole, the size of the pole is important. Most airlines allow passengers to travel with a fishing pole as long as it fits into a standard carry-on bag or checked luggage. However, some airlines only allow poles up to a certain size, so it’s best to double check the airline’s policy prior to packing your pole.

In addition, if you intend on carrying your fishing pole onto the plane, make sure that it is secured in a carrying case or bag. The TSA has specific regulations when it comes to transporting sharp objects, and you may be required to remove your pole from its case for inspection before boarding.

If you have any additional items that are necessary for your fishing trip, such as tackle boxes or lures, make sure that you declare them at check-in. Some airlines may charge additional fees for these items if they exceed certain weight limits.


It is possible to bring a fishing pole onto an airplane, but it is important to understand any restrictions or regulations that might apply. Make sure you contact your airline prior to departure and double check their policy regarding size and weight limits of any gear related items you plan on bringing.

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