Can a Snapped Fishing Rod Be Repaired?

A snapped fishing rod can be a major inconvenience and a costly repair. Luckily, with the right tools and some patience, your fishing rod can be repaired in no time.

The first step to repairing a snapped fishing rod is to acquire the necessary supplies. The most essential items you will need are carbon fiber rods and an epoxy resin glue.

The type of resin glue used for fishing rod repairs does not contain any solvents, meaning it will not run or drip when applied. Additionally, it has a long drying time so you have plenty of time to position the pieces correctly before it dries.

Once you have the required materials it is time to start the repair process. Begin by cleaning both ends of the broken sections of your rod with sandpaper or a steel wool pad.

This ensures that there are no jagged edges that will prevent the sections from fitting together properly. After cleaning, apply a small amount of epoxy resin glue to both ends of each section and fit them together snugly.

Once you have done this, use carbon fiber rods to reinforce the joint by wrapping them around several times tightly, pressing firmly as you go. You may need to adjust the rods slightly as you go so they fit properly and evenly around both sides of the joint.

Once all of this is complete, let your fishing rod sit for at least 24 hours before using it again so that it can fully dry and cure properly.


In conclusion, with the right supplies and patience, a snapped fishing rod can be repaired quite easily. With proper care and maintenance, your repaired rod should last for many years!

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