Are Tippet Rings Good for Fly Fishing?

Tippet rings are an important and often overlooked piece of gear in the fly fishing world. These small rings, which attach to the end of a leader, allow anglers to easily change out tippet for different flies, conditions, and species.

They are easy to use, lightweight and relatively inexpensive.

The main advantage of using tippet rings is that they make changing out tippet much faster and easier than tying knots all the time. This can be a huge help when fishing in fast-moving water or on windy days where quick changes are essential.

Additionally, they reduce the amount of time spent fiddling with knots, allowing anglers to spend more time actually fishing.

Tippet rings also offer some advantages over traditional knots when attaching flies to tippet. Because they are so easy to remove, anglers can quickly change out flies without having to untie a knot every time.

This can be especially useful for streamer anglers who need to switch patterns often when searching for active fish.

Finally, tippet rings are great for reducing line twist and tangling when casting multiple flies at once. By attaching multiple flies on separate tippets connected by rings instead of tying multiple flies directly onto one leader line, you can reduce line twist and maintain better presentation.


Overall, tippet rings are an invaluable piece of gear for any fly fisherman or woman looking for an easy way to change out tippets quickly and efficiently. They make changing out flies much easier and faster than traditional knots and reduce line twist when casting multiple flies at once. If you’re looking to streamline your fly fishing setup and make things easier on yourself while on the water, a set of tippet rings is definitely worth considering.

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Emma Gibson