Are There Tanks in Cod Mobile?

Are you wondering if there are tanks in COD Mobile? Well, the answer is both yes and no. Let’s explore it in detail.

What are Tanks in COD Mobile?

Tanks are heavily armored vehicles that come equipped with powerful cannons and machine guns. They have a strong defense mechanism that makes them difficult to destroy. In FPS games like Call of Duty, tanks are often used as a means of transportation and as a weapon to take down enemy forces.

Are There Tanks in COD Mobile Multiplayer Mode?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. COD Mobile’s multiplayer mode does not feature tanks. This mode focuses on individual player skills rather than team-based tactics, making tanks redundant.

What about Battle Royale Mode?

In Battle Royale mode, however, players can find and use tanks. These tanks can be found at various locations on the map and can be operated by a single player or by a team.

How to Use Tanks in COD Mobile’s Battle Royale Mode?

To use a tank in Battle Royale mode, players need to first locate one on the map. Once they find it, they can hop into the driver’s seat or switch between seats to operate the weapons. Tanks can be used to crush enemies under their tracks or shoot them down with their powerful weaponry.

Pros and Cons of Using Tanks in Battle Royale Mode

  • Pros: Tanks provide heavy protection against enemy fire.
  • Cons: Tanks make loud noises which attract other players towards your location.
  • Pros:Tanks have powerful weapons that can take down enemy forces easily.
  • Cons:Tanks are slow-moving vehicles that make them an easy Target for enemy players.


COD Mobile’s multiplayer mode does not feature tanks. However, they can be found and used in Battle Royale mode.

While tanks provide heavy protection and powerful weapons, they also have some disadvantages like attracting attention towards your location and being slow-moving Targets for enemy players. So, use them wisely to gain an advantage over your enemies.

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